S.No Date Subject Document (PDF)
    1 26-10-2015  Advisory on prevention of illegal trade of wildlife species in Sonepur
    Mela 2015
     2  12-06-2015

    Advisory on intimation of wildlife offences detected, specimens/articles 
    seized and person detained to Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB)
    and State Chief Wildlife Wardens

    3 30-03-2015 Advisory on investigation of the proceeds of wildlife crimes under PMLA PDF
    4 30-12-2014 Advisory on display of wild animal articles, trophies etc. on social media PDF
    5 14-11-2014 Advisory on establishment of Wildlife Crime Control Units in States/UTs PDF
    6 10-10-2014 Investigation of offences under the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972,
    by Police officers
    7 22-04-2014

    Guidelines in respect of booking of animals and birds (wild or otherwise)
    by Indian Railways

    8 27-09-2013  Sensitization of police officers on wildlife crime issues and to monitor
    wildlife crime cases under separate head 
    9 02-09-2013  Intimation of arrest and conviction of wildlife criminals to the concerned
    police stations 
    10 04-07-2013  Capacity building in wildlife crime enforcement and investigation
    of wildlife offences 
    11  15-10-2012 Illegal hiring of Common Langurs for the security of Buildings  PDF 
    12  26-09-2012 Illegal use of wild animals in laboratories/ museums of
    schools/ colleges 
     13  09-09-2012 Stop monetary valuation of wildlife articles  PDF 
    14  25-05-2010 Profiles of wildlife criminals   PDF(Hindi)
    15  28-08-2009  Display of wildlife items in commercial premises PDF 
    16 31-10-2008 Illegal trade in coral ornamental fish PDF
    17 23-07-2008 Ballistic evidence in wildlife offences PDF