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  • Wildlife contrabands was seized from Nalagarh Himachal Pradesh

    Acting on actionable intelligence inputs developed by WCCB/NR, a significant operation was conducted by joint team of WCCB/NR and Himachal Pradesh Police on 25th Aug, 2021, in which a huge catch of assorted wildlife contrabands was seized and 03 wildlife traffickers were arrested from Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh.
    Seized items included 21 Live Snakes (Indian Cobra, Rat Snake, Common Krait & Wolf Snake), 02 Carcasses (Indian Cobra), 12 Hatha Jodi (Monitor Lizard Genital Organs), 24 Siyar Singhi, 06 Big Cat Claws, 11 Monitor Lizard Paws, 02 Sambar Deer Antler, 02 Alexandrine Parakeets, 05 Pangolin Claws, and unidentified bones and claws.
    The team also seized 01 Air Gun, 04 Leg Hold Traps, 04 Snare Traps, and 02 Nets used for capturing small mammals & birds from the accused.